Better Together can present a variety of program formats, in a variety of styles.  Here a few examples:


  • Ambient music to set the mood - at a bar or restaurant, providing a comfortable level of music for guests to talk or just listen to the show.  Typically 3-4 hours.
  • Themed Concert - Concert setting at an event or senior center with a focused theme; typically 1-2 hours


  1. Songs of Love and Better Weather - A mix of many genres and artists, from calypso and trop-rock, to light jazz, country and pop-rock from all eras.  Lots of variety, with stories and experiences behind the songs.
  2. A Taste of Margaritaville: Let Better Together take you to the islands with songs about the sun, surf, and a fruity adult beverage. Learn the stories behind some of Jimmy's songs, both the hits and some of his more thoughtful ballads.  Experience his amazing songs through the sounds of the steel drum and guitar. Lyric sheets included for those that want to follow or sing along. Festive leis available to wear for residents who want the full experience!
  3. Oktoberfest:  This 60 minute interactive show will have your residents feeling like they are a part of an Oktoberfest, complete with chicken dancing, the Fliegerlied, schunkeling and more, all from the comfort of your seat or standing and dancing together. A little history along the way about Oktoberfests and its influence in Cincinnati. 
  4. Sound of the Holidays: Let Better Together bring back holiday memories with traditional and popular holiday hits. Lyric sheets available for those that want to sing along. Bring your Santa hats and dreidels! 
  5. Hall-0-fest: Songs from some of your favorite “spooky” shows like The Munsters and Addams Family, as well as other Halloween favorites like the Monster Mash. Residents are welcomed to dress up!
  6. Kid's Program: Songs from Disney, the Wiggles, and more, in an interactive format designed to engage wee ones.